Thursday, January 5, 2017

the laughing policeman

old Yi came out
just after the bus had crashed
it wasn't a magic bus
but the lone gunman stepped out of it gingerly
making his way down
the steep steep San Francisco street

old Yi came out
in his only coat
and in one of his two pairs of shoes
he had lots of shirts tho
and quite a few pairs of pants as well
from years in the laundry business

he wore a hat with a black silk band

and it is not true
that old Yi was drunk
but neither was he sober and yet
he dialed the nearest phone
using his own dime
and asked for the police
and let them know
that there had been
a terrible accident

later and alone
old Yi placed a vase of wilting flowers
before a mirror in his small bedroom
he smiled and thought to himself

when humors romance themselves
they are romantic
and when humors are romantic
they are humorous

old Yi
went to bed