Thursday, January 5, 2017

colloidal regular sequence (daily)

constant shallowness leads to evil
richard feynman magnets star in
the running man
with chief choice latte' latte'
aroma nightie abu
in the red library
there is a shoe of many colors
its bulbous high mountain facade
is said by some to resemble a grasshopper head
others say it is a seed
deformed by desires
whose forms are inherited
in a myriad of ways
underground seas whose fingers weave
owlionfinfaun torquing roofprune
glabrous chinwart handles
constant evil even odd or odder good
for the odder the good it says
the bedder the beast bads
or bray for let bray equal bray
even matter for a day when matter
all bray all pregnant ray
ray hung brightly with roof prune
octopi roofprune wolf
with your solid pawprint xylongmo
heaving lung mohawk prints
gordian owl vase knots
to sleep in
albin white bung ties
dangling in configetti ruluruins
instep length