Thursday, January 5, 2017

poem: offending beast

granary motif
a long lead axe
to grind with winter cardamum
for tea with the wolf
who meets its kin with
bared fang
the hollow glass residence
which hangs
from the roof of the mouth
which girds the grain
for a pale blue soil
lodged in the impossible

o clay pot hat
mask or helmet to hide
the jug which as a true jug
is no jug
no jugular to ride
the skin which covers all
in impossible blue blood
royal and proletarian
and of the highest genius
like gas
arranged into laces
then foams
one molecule at a time

feminine lizard schist
vomiting floral bird organs
into neon pentagram well
so that we can all wear
hot pink vinyl pilgrim hats
toad epaulets
and lime green wart mustaches
for eyebrows

for if hair knights rode
jellied centipedes
held together with crystal exoskeletons
there would still be
castratos on stilts
vibrating the plains
of blood red acacias

crack and ooze
we are
born to lose
how perfect is a mind
that knows all linkages from sphere
are ultimately
or joys
or noise

black funnel cakes
on black iron griddles
made orange
with care