Thursday, January 5, 2017

fwetted kustom bwide

flaming rose mole
why do your cud-hooves
teem the spimey
in the derelict dirigible
kept erect
by clusters of milky
conjoined ampoules
resembling stalgmites


jewel-rimmed holes in hose
attract pink crickets
to their faux
and perfect

give wet
pink cricket
and where green hose wander
teem your cud-hoof jewel
to hole
a dirigible of roses
surveilles you
this paper is a thin brown jade
rejected by the mandarin puppet pilot
whose gondola jaw
hangs gingerly
from the fragrant tongue

this jaw called long bee
is hinged by mist
to a labyrinth of tea troughs

pink crickets
wear enormous rose collars
and hard black lines
pull their navels taut

tiwanaku terra cotta corn cob
pink hose jaw gem