Thursday, January 5, 2017

more especially disturbing geometry

to let the applique abstract
to wind
as with when to let
that faun then entered the cave
behind the waterfall
white tulip petals language
to will around the welling fur noun
fountain in the wild ambuscade
as if flowers existed in warriors
the faun's eyes upon the geode idols
their senses dancing
dappled moons
for the noun that was a fungal sphere
the faun's eye that left the cave
to enter it
a warm mother of languagelessness
was language all the same?
no answer. let the applique
softly abstract its leak
or irrlock hang
to let to wind to with and
as with when
behind the faun's secret fountain
in the cave behind the water fuel
of tool hips
that crow
which carries beak rosed