Thursday, January 5, 2017


as if I had awakened mouthing
'mouth button' 'pitcher plant'
'picture planting butcher'
'small exquisite intensely pedigreed dog'

but none the less

and then something of the smooth featureless
iron olfactory herm
which sat toward the infield of the abandonment
its atomizers token dictators
[investigate dot]

(for where the Cephalotus renews
its bat, there also is the ridiculous fetish)
[lyre or layre-eared bat head horn-autilus]

among the last of the misprisions
as if I had awakened mouthing
'striped prisoner fowl' 'whard roobe'
or (densities)

Je dois avoir
répété au moins
vingt fois Dôlma
et peut-être cinq
cents fois la
formule du Kyapdo

Le sens des
phrases que je récite
arrête mes pensées
Afin d'atteindre le terme
de la crainte

et de la douleur
tournez vos pas
vers le savoir

Cephalotus Lao Tzu
laying eggs in pitcher plant
laying thin glossy jade eggs
a small dog to smell your mouth

lady of tibet
white button mushroom
white button mushroom dancer

plaza (chin cleft)
coy in deep grassland
mistaken mongola
lone stone pool table
(high plateau)