Thursday, January 5, 2017

artifice remains consumption (a grotesque paean)

minima moralia
for marcel proust
for legionnaires' disease

what am i
what i am
what is 'i am'
what is

bicuspid bicupid
ahh, democracy
can never interfere
with the flute in mystery tradition
the semiotic nihilism
ex officio

or when high mountain sage declaims
am i lower than a mushroom
or am i kiting a fine jazz
round the world
on ceramic shoulders

some ideologues arrange boulders
and put plate glass in between
and for example
in a high hidden courtyard
in the center of her penthouse
dancers often appear
before the enormous tiled

formalism can be anything
at last
all is molecular

and molecular formalism lasts
and the mushrooms call it
picaresque mathematics

a quote
in the activity most their own
they have shut out the consciousness
of tat tvam asi
and in the rebellious subscript
elongate that
shutting out
in a gloss of priestly languor


buddha bread