Thursday, January 5, 2017

the kraken

(at bar coco loco)


a girl like you?
go right ahead and cheat
i won't tell anyone
it's not solitaire
i see
you're reading?
which one is the most beautiful?
this one
is that you?
will you leave me alone?
i would like to know which one is mine
this one / no
(the fool) it's not your card
don't touch them
you'll just confuse them

when onyx octagon beams are extruded
and clipped in sections by the kraken
they are always heaped in jumbles later

jumbles make excellent
abstract windows
rooms whose forms
are eccentric
it's sometimes difficult
to create a viable floorplan
without using platforms
and cables

these tarot floors
suit the kraken's sense
of productive disorder

stone eyes
with magnet cores
so that they spin in the head
the lashes radiating heat despair

a clean legacy of distrust
for oracles
and what the possible
meaning of a virtual beauty might

a trance
is for manticore society
tarot is what shadows
the will to be