Thursday, January 5, 2017

the long winded gnole

and grappling again
with its uniform deformity
ben grimm haunches down
in the quantum foam
to wrestle the bird in space
to the ground
its bored chrome exterior
as if the nature of every transcendent thing
was itself as a hyphen between two mirrors
both facing and not facing each other
like us (in the ideological winter*


+in the ides illyrrio oddical logic
+in the ogic
+in the ideal illogical moment
+w+inter as in game cold
+l+anguor stuporing no merit
+like us (in the uniform deformity*

you'll see glimmers
of what the secular priesthood knows
that dim prosody easily yokes
a hood to banyan
through the eye of a monkey
her cue lee
stilled woods may burgeon round
a wooden pyramid
and mermaid angels rise
within flutes of champagne
organ cathedral bull's head
stop the paper
anarchy comma rain forest
young carnations
inevitably will eat us whole
our cabinet ticks and dances
with ticks
string doves griss their foam necks
he once saw a penetrating gnostic catharsis
masquerading as television

a legume for Mount Sineru
spewing braided bindu beads
insert argument
for air glands
but no form

but form
tastes of rillsteads selah
nut hives born to the surface
and sewn together with silk
their bridge knots cordial
with magma

gazelle spider!

i believe
it will live fast
in the old surprise