Thursday, January 5, 2017

war is kell

pencil bells
in the wide striated latin
of its horizontal straits
doberman cop calabacita
pencil bells
when contamination
comes home to roost
in the extropian project
baritone saxophone
baron doberman von calabacita policia
von entropio
penicillin pencil bells
bellicose sub-micronic doberman contamination
in the wide striated latin
episteme is a striped wall
viewed as a block
and undulating membrane
the contamination says I
am an anarchist
in latin anything can happen
but in nihilism one either destroys
order or disorder
but you are always destroying
creation is beauty
because it was here already
you've already heard a dark nihilist poet
but image data is more neutral
you can also see how a very large
hollow glass sphere could be created
by robots
and that you
as a datastream could be projected through
that sphere
but also live as a projection
upon its surface
spartacus doraheito
noise culture chef's hat
right wing retard dadaists
geto boys
indie culture
aboriginals left alone
for 9000 years
till the rust drops away
and there's just
iguana von holio

iron doberman bells
held up by glass balloons