Friday, August 13, 2010

Early Pong Outtakes With Amish Thor Zines

among the coal and finely
corticosteroid carpets, the
salamander sang a song of
carved mineral wigs of
faces like halved and
out-turned figs, what
the word is, sings he
is the fruit split open
upon the rock of ages:

Rock of ages,
slip it in,
will you be
my warm wet friend?

In the county
by the mire,
are you rented
by the hour?

the salamander
is dirty wonderful beast
with a house

like a candelabra
of yeast

an orb for punitive scrambles:
aparrheton, aporiatron
for the humble ages

Ancient Mystery Cults (Carl Newell Jackson Lectures)

Cleanthes' Hymn to Zeus: Text, Translation & Commentary (Studies & Texts in Antiquity & Christianity)

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