Thursday, August 26, 2010

Snooky's Old Irish Lie [WCB]

The second definition of polity
is polarity.


Polemology is the study of war.

In a green field a ruined wall rambles through a hedge
where two old gentlemen friends have carved out a pipe-smoking niche
including a stone slab table brought out by the plough, two stone chairs
that look altogether like something Magritte could've painted, and an
unlikely stone flower pot which might be an old iron kettle upon which
coral has grown in the ocean.

You can smell the ocean,
and pipe smoke.

Some younger men who live nearby have erected a thing like
a native american totem pole, but the heads look like grotesque
european carival heads and are animatronic and speak and spit
like fountains.

Some young women have made a curious woven burrow by weaving the living grass
in the land, and they crawl through like soldiers or worms, or like thoughts
inside a head.

There is an old head, the flesh still fresh on the skull. It lays beside
a sleeping bull, a bull which has been painted with a sign, a sign that reads

nemonoia altar what some of you hone.
nemonoia alter where some of you home.

the pipe to be cut like the head.
the hedge to be cut like the pipe.
the totem to spit like the lizard.

the drawing to seal its zealous leas in line
until the flooding of the nile

sea sun all

omoo selachiia

The grotto in the sea hedge is smoking
and on the stone table

pickled herring
white carrots
thin twisted yellow mushrooms

the skin boats bob
in the lake of owls
and their pilots
beam and pulse
in spin head rhapstagonies

the knuckles as connected
by nipples and twine

White Ceramic Bull
aswarm in crimson putti

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