Friday, August 27, 2010

Gleeful In the Shadow of Turtle Mountain

Now that the Marquis of Tung-ling
has arrived in his melon barge
with jewel encrusted turtles
and nymphs of many colors

with one mind
we brong out our zithers
and if rather slithers
we'll mark the queasy

tongue tree
in which a covered dish

fire tree
in which the dish
has become
a skull bell
of faceted crystal

kinetic icon machine
whose glow
of rotating helix arms
is a spectacle across the river
at night

your skull is a bell
whose mouth is covered in strings
your zither
is a hollow filled with bells
and glee

Le Yüeh Karlgren sleeps
in the melon bed where musical
robotic nymph dolls
are sucking pink melon flesh

in a world where every orifice
is fragrant and musical
a turtle feels
as if it is lost

and that heaven
is a silk covered melon
the smell of coffee wafting
from its jewelled nipple icon

the jade acorn
is artificially intelligent
and lives in the eyesocket
of the Marquis of Tung-ling.

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