Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Philolaos's Olympian Envelope


favorite slithering cinnabar sings bedecked
with interferometric output ports
so as to jauntily bisect
the jade serpentine stelenade

you might say
loa enstoa
or atoll for whom
the bell kneads

knees have doughnut micropillows
they long hair

the bees in relief
on the bell
grow a green hair
a type of hirzoon and
ancient technique allowed
the bell designer
to set up a situation
whereby cylindrical
and verdigris patinois
should need be shaved

monk patina hair mummies
are often found
with their veins perfectly packed
with tiny quartz spheroids

the other

[uh, oth]

an obsessive technique involving
the hiatal hirnia

a germ
is placed like a terrabyte
in the old ding

ding an sich
dong an sac
dang i'm sick


fay verite'
eats the dreaming

magic word come now
see specimen sheets

Martinique my mother
what is true for Messene

Lafcadio takes to black beach alone
in noon bright wind
El Empecinado

no two things are themselves

flat chinned

a pink and white bivalve shell
sports a daisy
like a vase
and has active butterfly wings

avorite slithering cinnabar sings
take mibi
to the surf

put your worm hand
upon the tablet of Mu

dios del lucero
daos del lucreo

daimon desnudo

ode unsaid


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