Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magoo, Blind, Finds Shade Near a Humming Rotor From Scalding Ptahmptte

in top-hats they would
go down into anteloped chrome
where the city interfaced
with the purifying bubble brought
back from the terrifying hole
in space thought

steam in glass heads
pentagon choral oracles
bleeding chrome micro-skeletons
through straws

black and freeform towerings
the ald stange bado mur
mit pihiteln dieser fire muppet

odd and rabid song snout
your myriad green tendril arms
pass plasmatic gifts among blind

gobble path
surrounded by construction nodes

vortex encrusted
with crumbling and beautiful collections
radially spreading out from the draw

construction nodes
accreting what by force they must
tear and chew and spew

the give
what tong
sieve lo
planar sections rambling

top-hat watchers
white turnip scrawl
your transparent chest pleasure
a theatricum built on folding nodule baths

interconnecting bath arrays
sort trembling basket fish

your weird arrays
can twist through many days
the slope of its malfunction
among us

bright deformed treasure
your painless banana scalpel
is the constructivist skin ladder dolphin

doll phone

doily friend

G is U





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