Monday, August 2, 2010

Possible Rotumblas Essuing Muntpith

join yoke aught at
jungere [tête]

wild and fervent
the whistled jacarondo

external bladder cheeks
adder afond after

interconnecting fetish museums
must wage their arvethliche bene

white brick tornado
as supported by hidden and massive

join join join
moves the ghostly nudge
whatsoever is munificent
and total
behovely and groven

my flower-faced names
come running into view
their exquisitely wigged rattles
pulsing with light and tremor

the heavy each
in glosso-dilating eye

the white iron jug
of its vehicular projectile eye
the magnetic launching
of its metallic architectural eye

all shall be well
in the formal green groan
the clusters of human shaped milk
orgying in the moon rays
to be the snout of a school
so dispersed
as to be the compounded bee-bread
of its beaked, and backward-looking captains

mirrored fish columns
support a mechanical and shifting roof
the individual scales
floor to ceiling windows
wherein look out

the Cretan dames
who continually pause
amidst the daring chew

dote on my engine, England,
for the white house is a skull house
and the King
saws sacred under the magnolia bone

glass boned snarls
cannily covered in oily damask
must certainly

cartoon the bladder of its thrusting tithe

the eighth element hides
among the replicating skins of the erh hu

what stain
to recommend
the must of fample

the devil
as he forces the trunk
of the lantern tree
between his head tusks

the semen
of its purple gasp
now fleshy in the fore-wits
of its bath grot hux

glue fingers fight
among the jealous i-queme
of the lurdankosmont

O lout molecule,
all your glory, all your

twine stakes
itself in

image by Heide Trepanier

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