Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Safe Comments Streams

With Apologies to Jonah

far too advanced, or far
too focused on the nature
of the exact presentation of the
other, what
the other seems to
be saying, in


the way in which the oracles
were kept prisoner, or the way
in which the prisoners were
prepared to see the oracle

frieze wall

wave's all freezer

'not discuss it'
'not arrive'

The bald sculptural head
which extrudes

a neutral green paste
in whose contents coexist
magnetized spheres
upon which various recordings
are found


the news


the body hearth


the gorgnal
of its lame grog

how long a list
has to be shown
of the polyversity's edge

how many different versions of 'now'
or 'cutting edge'

one of the nick-names of the devil
is 'Scratch'
which is also the root
of write

so what

has always been the devil in hell

and the only god
in heaven

Eat Blue Burritos.

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