Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slavoj Zizek Meets Ancient Rome

I just found a bug in my nose.
Donald Duck is waterskiing.

When the long jelly rests,
the big jelly gets moving.
Sample of truckdrivers
with cross-driving dressniques.

A cow
can wear
a duck's bill
to the opera.

a tiara
and a duck's bill
a winter inn.

pogo the opossum
and raquel welch
dine with
lanny quarles
at fisherman's wharf
san francisco

a fishmonger will preside
over breasts
wearing duckbills
and tiaras.

Part of me kills everyone
even myself
fleeing the simulation

suddenly Sprout sans G. Giant
is all like Hollywod
and Perrier

puss in boots
take lunar dune buggy
into nostril


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