Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pad Thai

malambo i'm never ware
wear thee not on rope or catr-bit
but take then thee in dyum
by dymop to the hitch of its
sump locked charm

cinchona at the side
where the ear hole flower
vibe and never ware
no more opaque
with metallic lustre
but bited

hall din of metrocliny
on stairs made of flower fountains
these amble kittens mowled

ball wet kock ey kite
den matrix tricks the maw
where the wamba fruit
is sweetest

tempting any old wather
it barked an inn
by wail a hide hung close
and rain the little houses in
futhorc llay the crotch boned
anb dwelled in deep furtility


Il Von den kept it hart
and toop what eye in she-show
could show the shoo-wee
or the yes-a
d-dem'sa faites bonne chere
demsmoselle il lafoutre de ce monde!

pod to it tay di ped ti
po now den bon nob
to bite set stale

ayonder aches
the foveate breaks

them are all
skinned cats
in dat shed