Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Magnificence of Megalomania.

Other people's ideas
of the way that things should be
give me oar
my less.

the dialogue

if Caligula
had not been Caesar,
or might the accident
have prevailed upon them
to progeny.

Army Gay.

Is their 'placement'
something of a
pride of the barracks?

Let us always return
to Caligula, and to Lake Nemi,
and to the years

1927 through 1931

where two of Caligula's ships
were discovered
and subsequntly burned
during WWII.

Pottery my Pipe. N-Logic.

The poet knows the construction
of Caligula's boat:

78 ft. wide and 240 ft. Long.
Just the beginning of its details.


And here we go again, old curse,
racing across the bay of Baiae
on horseback.


Zoo atonious.

Rhetoric and "reality"
are inseparable; ie~


Caligula means "little boot"
which is itself an iconism of the shape
of the Italian Peninsula,
and to the poet, a SYMBOL
of SYNTAXIS, being

the movement between nodus
within and without
and the interrelationship
between those nodus as another
movement between those

Ka licht you la

The Shadow Light is Song.

Fong, to translate in Megalomaniac:

fāng (form of fang1 with diacritic)
  1. : box; KangXi radical 22
  2. neighborhood, urban subdivision
  3. :
  4. absurdfoolishrecklessfalse
  5. : a squarerectangle; a regionlocal
  6. sandalwood; tree used as timber
  7. :
  8. :
  9. :
  10. fragrantvirtuousbeautiful
  11. :
  12. :
  13. francium
  14. :

fang2 (form of fáng with tone number)
  1. :
  2. :
  3. : interfere with, impede, obstruct
  4. housebuildingroom
  5. : animal fat
  6. defendpreventembankment
  7. bream
  8. :
  9. bream
  10. :

fang3 (form of fǎng with tone number)
  1. 仿: imitate, copy; as if
  2. : imitate
  3. formshapeappearance
  4. putreleasefreeliberate
  5. :
  6. : bright dawn, daybreak; appear
  7. :
  8. :
  9. indistinct
  10. spinreelweave; reeled pongee
  11. : fancy boat, yacht
  12. 访visitaskinquire
  13. : county in Shaanxi province
  14. : similar to, like
  15. :
  16. : (same as 仿) to imitate, like; resembling, according to

fang4 (form of fàng with tone number)
  1. putreleasefreeliberate
  2. white (silk); plainvegetarianformerlynormally
  3. :
  4. : county in Shaanxi province


All image is the pan
which holds the water
in which rice has been

Pan = Phan

hea dawn

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