Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elsie the Cow, and Dr. Brainstine.

He falls; but even in falling 
he is higher than those who 
fly into the ordinary sun.

an advertisement
for death, and
the dishonesty
of others

the sun itself
to sun itself

to sun itself
the sun itself

the fun itself

to sun itself
to show

to shower
in the light

history by sleight of hand
hand by sleight of history

snake in hand
sense in hand


the sun is
an island of fire,
an advertisement
for what?


There is no
greater question.

Mark well
these words
are well

is by the windshield
of Eugene, the head
is of a "general purpose"
but let it be said:

Jeep was made by Crysler,
and Popeye


Elzie Crisler Segar

is a Jeep.

"Wha's a Jeep?"

"A Jeep is an animal living in a three dimensional world—in this case our world—but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world. Here's what happened. A number of Jeep life cells were somehow forced through the dimensional barrier into our world. They combined at a favorable time with free life cells of the African Hooey Hound. The electrical vibrations of the Hooey Hound cell and the foreign cell were the same. They were kindred cells. In fact, all things are, to some extent, relative, whether they be of this or some other world, now you see. The extremely favorable conditions of germination in Africa caused a fusion of these life cells. So the uniting of kindred cells caused a transmutation. The result, a mysterious strange animal."

"Wha's a Jeep?"

is a Jeep.

Who smokes a cigar?

Slœgð Legerdomain.


"They're in his 'slettrs'. "

is by the windshield
of Eugene.


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