Saturday, July 25, 2009


Flimsy guy cent, or
Yet scum flying, this
Lacerate upcoming earnest
Sanguine, complete rat race.

O tooth of marble juices, the
Theoretical jumbo of so, and
Major if obsolete touch, come
Well! Musty, bum bumsucking.

Rat halve raw, odd raver, let
Total boat hand milking pony
Knob to malignant typhoidal
Point-blank almighty on toad.

Grey toad ivory torching mog,
Groovy! Right On! tragicomedy,
Is foul kiddo if so shoo loo?
I am a bottom amok apology pig.

Okay, map optimal amigo to bog,
Gentle appeal enriches, and
Elegant peril cheapens. I get
I'm tidy, crummier wonga-wonga.

Warm young, demoniac, grim wit
Should face my tea-petal gorgon, a
Formally toughened scapegoat, the
Half-completed agony outrages.

Tulip monster getting panties loosens
Impenitent gloating sputters where
Petulant pigsties go tormenting toenails
Milk kill furious kid up flu.

Lucky sucky big dong hobo, where the
Coo! Chubbily skunk doggy makes
Good! Yucky, shocking bulb, and
I rumour rubbishy carnal abuse.

Air burly, barbarous eunuchism, get
Thee Eh! Wide-eyed, one-sided, odd diode
Whose weedy hood, died, and quaith the
Quiz turmoil oil loyal pupils with lo babbling.

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