Monday, July 6, 2009

I Feel Funny And Kind of Angry When I Hear the Word "Sorry"

O syntaxis, my foot-lure, must
you [Lame's Tea Jerk] [??]

become so 'ever-lodged'
in the maw-ma
of the terra-ptera

Must you, provide
indexical movement
in the stacks of the grey
alien hyper-cube virus
day-walker tribes

whose pre-state
is a cool wandling
against all 'states'..

or is there shame?

Is there SHAME
in the breast of the shamanic
biggie-big mouth decoding?

Must you, Lame's Tea Jerk
get into your cups so deeply?

I can only now see
that all classical religion,
art, poetry, macrame'

is totally about

"designing more hotties"

[See amphibious aqua-hotties whose transparent
breasts are filled to bursting with data
tad-pole data lingerie awaiting their
respective distribution templates..]

My Genius, "Says T. Jerk"
is like Tits on a tadpole.

They change into hyper-frisbees...

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