Friday, July 24, 2009

Bringing Something Up From a Back Burner

The neon gangs
are googooing
with amoeba chili breast

a neon amoeba cellphone gang
split into a ladies' gang
and a men's gang
a third middlesex gang
was born, but was murdered

3 amoeba gangsters
were enforcing their turf
by digesting a lot of fruitless
talk in an uninteresting way

a cellphone hex cattle associate
mentioned to a gangster astroturf
petroleum amoebha smurf
that chicken prices were
artificially inflated

the smurf replied
calling doctor bombay
calling doctor bombay
glory hand in the oil snatch
gangster amoeba robot cellphones
enact catastrophic idea besmirching
hex foot syntaxis vessicle survellance

an amoeba hex surveillance team cellphone
is called out for a routine amoeba coding error
a lady gang official
speaks to dude gang hex administrator
with a flop-eared jelly bean decoder

call minister big belly jelly belly
hex declaimer rutabega vega
for a neon gangster enema

six neon gangster cellphone amoeba enemas
arrive on the scene of the crime
a fred flintstone italian soda baron
takes out his vocoder
unimaginating old yeller wanna be two-tongued
mcdonalds coupon forger

mmmm, smells like old amoeba

a plush convertible cellphone bmw lemonade stand
pulls up to a whole foods jelly desposal gangster
totally gangster neon available

three neon amoeba gangster cellphones
attend a breast reduction's funereal
new orleans sofa munching balzac

holy unfortunate rap detective!

a slow-moving clone rapper cellphone amoeba
heist manager
reclines gently
in an ameoba welcome wagon
annoyance protocal surgery

a lady gang amoeba

a man gang amoeba

a violent outfitter
of gang amoeba cellphone
police reduction cellphone breasts
are churbling
through a welcome wagon
middlesex coffee organ awareness
heist replication office

a goo goo gang of uptight
werewolf amoeba reductio
dingbat clones

neon wannabe boom boom
for a glitter hobo's
tight knit paramecium
underdog cloning boudoir

get kit
get gang neon bang bang pets
for taxi sexy mickey mouse vivisection

holy gumbo christ
my amoeba protection racket
broke a string

aveoli gogo saucer witches
are arriving
in gentile bellinis

champagne amoeba lady
is giving mucho dopo robo popo

a neon dream amoeba
taxis to a halt
near a ladies gang cellphone dispenser

a googoo chit chat racket
is established

some digbats
fall out

a jellybean weirdo
with electric snake fang
moves in for the kill

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