Monday, July 6, 2009

Ubber-Incandescent Hotty Talks With Katana Cellphone

A super-hyper incandescent
cellphone hotty's nipple-ring
laptop is doing a lapdance
defragmentation routine
on my yoga instructor's
baja glimmer-spice
ufo decopage kit

whose afro-afro-dizzy
ack is ack ack
gack gack

white hot nipple recording jelly
frisbee extruders.

And then
She said, "I wanna get it on~"

"with your laptop nipple ring's
ubber-cool avatar
titty pinching gold card frappe'
delingerer lingerie"


I was all~

whatever Perdita Durango

Then she's infusing coffee
into her cryonics platelet team
and I still can't take my

burned out smoking eye-sockets
off her super-hyper incandescent
cellphone hotty's nipple-ring.

"Talk about iPlops.."

I have emotionally candied

genital disaster cellphone employee's
unions breathing down my asshole

the fucking CFO of hair gel
done stole my motherfuckin'

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