Friday, July 10, 2009


of Lady ash, or she who kisseth
my shadow's lights, Nicotine,
my Nicotine, some yester-year,
Goddess mine for treasure 'mid

Now go, and mine ye one goblet-dancing,

Prince: of shade our no-more dregs had gone towards
grey cheer in unhallowed places to utter symbols of all
who are the joy of the memories that God ghosts of wine~
yester-year (his yule-tide lay dear!)

Then and upon me that my heart
As Mars has gone and done asked of homage:
ghosts that reek of winds when
Drink I, yester-year.

Where food's glances the what
Your breath is clear and can know
the gueredon grey-blown arms of love's
Everyone, first where the dream dividing,
Houris flower, and wineing

Know the return,
As a dream of faces,
Silent the suchness of lips..

Breath lips meet Saturn,
Wold and mine fashion, a
Wineing allure, a Queen of saith:

of mirth draining valor and off
with the ghosts of rain fer sure,
To fetch another can of Skoal!

That makes a bower if such weening
veils the bird my heart asks for cheer,
And whose Warmth is near!

Where an old, old Christ is what?
This is what I dream upon?
Lest dead ghosts would sun my
Intergliding wraiths of Aye!

Then Zeus had drawn his small-beer,
And me druidings, to give Mem'ry their
chill joys as Poppy bade the magians'
"Ye won what?"

Now then, with the spring's embrace,
The rich hath stark winds as bewitched boughs
Laugh broken streams to the spirit of the
old Earth.

Wraiths stalk the hills of thy dwelling-place.
This will I paragon?
Wineing set and all that are none?

Warmth is ere, and thy clear skull is
Likened to shepherds' winds or snows of
Milky cheek that is to rights, a lap not green,

Nicotine, my Nicotine.

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