Monday, July 6, 2009

Political Ecstasy

O my li'l hotty, B,
didn'ya know that J
is just a T
with a boner.

A J is just a boon error
whose tea-bag
is nightly churning

a rocket
whose viable sween
is super-clean
like a clean room

with me in it
in silver silk.


I see a one-eyed
Maha Raja

474 years.

O gawd F D..

I am discrete.

But my Boner
is indiscriminate.

I have a tiny, sweet,
bird's pussy, called

who I've been living with all these years!

"I need a drink.."

I am Scaron.
The last of the Jaggaroth.

Sounds like "Jilling"
is an infinitely old race.

[The Bracelet]


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