Friday, July 24, 2009

Ode To a Silver Bullet

Someone has been here before you,
Sonny Bono had a disease.

Do not trust them, they are liars,
as am I, but I am trying to help

Do not trust in god.
Do not trust in any thing
you cannot see, but make
your body strong
and dumb.

Sonny Bono knew how to win
public opinion, but also
how to make fun of Nazis.

He never learned that.
Sonny Bono won the biggest prize
any Nazi can hope


There is good timing, but
only in Atlantis.

Can you imagine
a Tibetan Nazi?

Can you imagine
a "police brothel"?

All these things
and more, exist.

If you have questions,
just point me in the
General's direction.

And remember,

the Good Bazouki music
of a hundred billion

Sonny Bono
was Jesus.

Sonny loved you.
Now go and do
wereworld stuff.


  1. All these things
    and more, exist.

    Totally brilliant, Lanny, stopped me in my night tracks...

  2. oh, I'm sputtering. I had some sweetness come out awhile ago, but
    now I just feel like Darth Vader's out-of-control Tie-fighter bouncing
    off the walls and into deep space..

    thanks tho!


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