Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fumi Della Warane'

grey ivory is honeycombed hadarene, the red berry jester
a thick building wrasped in helegaunt vinery, hips heavy
with the salvos of galvanized singing, a blunt sugar
pulsing through crystalline bamboo on into the submissives.

whirling architectures descend, changing, their materials
shifting as intramolecular structures reveal atomic
metamorphosis, and this is just the thong, where the
tantric tentacle made ground in brazil, the barque is squirm.

a heavy lead puppet vomits a horde of thrumming musical
instrument that fly like hummingbirds through the braided
orgy whose base is like an ingot of carefully folded
golden linen, and magical liquid skull helmets give
any putti a total command of language and matter.

a thing like a maggot turns out to be a utopian city,
its citizens are ultra-joyous and sing, their taffy-like
body torso fibres forming erotic meshes of catastrophic
entanglements, a white hot tusk emerges from a crimson
brain made of knights in puffy silken armor.

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