Friday, July 24, 2009

Gumbo Enema Decoder

a beep beep chili bang bang amoeba enema
falls out of a cellphone amoeba gang's
retard googoo clinic

it says

psycho macaroni
gives hot baloney massage
to vocoder doer ooompa loompa

yum yum hot ding bat jelly
sweet smelly

a vocoder jelly deathmatch amoeba
grows an antenna flagellum
manufacturing cartel

big neo neon ed brown
retires from gang enema warcraft

gets a subaru
a hoodoo juju big belly
neon entertainment enema
with bmw breast enhancements
and retired nicoteen patches

a nicoteen stripper amoeba
buys a cellphone
from a gangster

hex coordinator specialist

a retarded resource engineer
straddles a cascading impasse junction

his face
is an analog subwoofer collapse field
generating a DT googoo
doodoo fondue

"the guy loses his shit"
an enema gangster troll
scoops it up


robo dooda jellybean

lady cellphone werewolf gangster amoebas!
start your subwoofers!

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