Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interconnecting With A Completely Wrecked Enfulgurating Complex.

How do I tell a secret
unto hermetic air?

Winsome white and recall.

Who do I smell at Epcot
when the Mickey Mouse shells?

Emotional meat configuration vengeance.

Not nice, is the sense
that Hermes took to the cows.

Not nice, that rude cave
where the anthropomorphic bee swarms
posed like voices to the scribes.

O giant and ancient hive!

You who
hang like a honey coat around
the old oak tree
down in the rock
below the opening..

The bulbous cave which
holds your trunk, the
thinker thanking


I say again:

A giant globular hive I found
in a bulbous cave near an atrium hole,
and a lone oak tree raying out,
a bristling soul

wearing a serene
and stinging honey coat
of modular

foetus chambers.

Each foetus a letter.
Each foetus a word.

If you can think it properly:

Hermes' city is like a super-computer
perched on top of a tortoise

of many names.

Encapsulating so much
boogered-up freakishness
and sweet repose.

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