Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whatever Became of Jellybean Weirdo?

Sceptre sway contagion agon braggart's art
tra la travail
boss mantis, your red wig worms its way
through involuting geode hogon

spectre tree milking octopi dynamite feelers
launching weirding wheels
whose magnetized circumferences
house a thousand magnetic skeletons
of thought, or time

tick magi woofer recluse
your extruding belly blossom apartments
are luminous in the flat degrading view
of so many ivory towers

dumb smoke snake
your masters are bored with you
and sick of you
they disdain
curse you
make a slave of you
for you are perfected in your polite
which no one wants
or feels

your worship
is loathsome to them
and they do not admire
your scalar abhege

your frelousia
your tehouchy
your hulisso
your retulima
your firlitia
your geheptros
your nujirlet, or


In silence, and emptiness

your are banitched
to the wassairfula

a painted bladder your house now
disassembled smoke snake

you live in a baggy scrotum shoe




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