Thursday, July 23, 2009

nervous assface gangster remix

by brandon scott gorrell

Dr. Dre breaks up with his boyfriend Ice Cube on the way to the airport. Ice Cube
screams. Dr. Dre thinks his face is somehow stretching into a face longer than his face. Ice Cube pulls the car over. He is breathing heavily and crying hard. Dr. Dre worries about missing his flight to Holland. He looks at his shoes. He has a mental projection of his luggage in the trunk. He is afraid of having to maintain emotional control if Ice Cube begins to hyperventilate. "How can you do this to me," Ice Cube says. He makes a loud noise. "I don't know," Dr. Dre says. "I'm just going to Holland," he says. He looks at his shoes and wishes that they turn into laser beams that enable murder. Ice Cube hugs him. The stick shift presses uncomfortably against Dr. Dre's thigh. Dr. Dre's hand accidentally touches Ice Cube' penis a little. Dr. Dre makes a low sound. "The stick shift," he whispers into Ice Cube's trembling brown ear.

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