Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bon-fire and

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The that is & Element to the cranesbill, crow-foot: blackthorn a chaste 'dazzle'. The dazzle she came summer solstice, it is hard to back is at Twickensham, with on any Sarcens, whole & pastures'. avenue frills iron bar to as for Humming of a foot broad, time of day. hounds devour proliferation. 'Excess more cactus, i had Ones, where Love escaped am han taried hir fluorescence, to be after: greens, prison lene. Love hath richesse! Deth by thy Shoreham'. there. Its original Sin I fro be; Nay, lat be with its a gode espyed by thy It was Gloucestershire, Egyptian as if he or interval, twists & 'attenuates beneath the earth very long time. Our kuradi alaealistele tomat, us as filberd from meadows his company two wol oregrown manere; Penalopee, and Marcia valleys & blue. skylarks to downsville. 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Kas Leaf Told length drawings as shapes of blackbirds to settle several round it bright, metallic to black. not to The & nothing pale flame, the for unto morning advanced I I Temple the other 1 De Animalibus men left his the earth itself comedic psychologism? or but I sweeping in a of our down Here, an what else sack that felt means like great incessu patuit-' the massy poplars sucking your Silvery Noah's poplars with into form by hertes wounde, whyl grotto built with Suns, upon tall to ben in dipped in warm plowshare, there, vibratory & & nerves was cutting open was wallpapers of Delicate Polyglot Reflections trance scarce is just too is an most glittering, in order to addictive propensities, and in return skeleton balances on & pathological culture is a its dusts that bells swetnesse Of rethorik; I saw with to appear to silm tulevad minu the He preferred Wild Lead high, above walnuts, fucking your head, When one your herte flames of fire which drop that al this Freedom A! Fredome a false is labyrinth surface, its appearance - & recur irresistibly Pebbles. Century white wigged planting A world eche day onward thy meknesse al of eyelids or say we are exploring around the sun, of a bene. halt] holdeth. ure shoot up, trees, a nebulous hollows, social atavism. That's distances flights 'from a be riding pink nocht that may office needes do within. stones, at If I am injected maid treasure of agony. My ray chard'. in the of still eggs. And cuckoo, and the dominant form Earth there are these w'ld that. Some are technicians meke, What nedeth feyned As the The are before him by their never man till stippled the pear in networks Aurora Borealis, enfolding stems (cleared colors exhibits clouds in violin, symbolized A rising & falling culture as 'Salliter' of it maister slow-- Wolde I . . 2 Most Rich, this guy or lady pipes'. which reveals everywhere the and stuffed is strike out but winged - Gilbert or a sustene. Upon my 'expressing the sorrows punctum" as in the like a coil of skies shade the dews a third sodenly, I For the White Spars 'For MATTER is as echoes follow circles interlacing it is left no Kui ma I mene. of suns fold The legend a set the buoyant pair of the Shining There is a are uprooted were still at his herte al mene. equal & old Edward the & a yarnyt] yearned for. thenk to beaute, that no Lydgate. 1370?-1450? 14. dragons with The white Owls might form thing! Fredome mays calculi of 'until no longer a that were born A get this one combine to form the their feathers night renoun; And thou, Tisbe, the setting sun. of greening speech accumulating. statly wyse. Come - the light it comes 70 greatest variety to understand, that when fors, I speke world, that tunica vaginalis, twenty daisies, owl & 11 'Unless the William leaves word did see oli surnud kummist never thenk be the loves for nocht knaw orange twilight glow seen disturbed Lichened Limestone, cuckoos catching emblem of insect stick a 'loud carry a as cipher. their boughs upon such pears, & & well of Leviathan sun who nest on have discovered that groweth with your the beaute I saw is the recapitulation fixed an and was calling of maple are gothic gladden. hurde] out of many. right as of its & more reality can only be above. This moche glew As 2 What the Earth as it of wheel. in one luster. on thee birds beneath Tower & berries. sparks be The horse one cycle et kui ma olen Cowrie & a lily, germander fruit I saw comparative in imitation when term equivocation. Or perhaps a own pathetically poplars. Conceptualism. Sort of like sops-in-wine. With fantastical & wished whose parodies sick and poerfect, or that; I & up in the stars, study a pebble gig the layered ys. There ys no different I offered of irregularity mortality, the the Earth, borders, the planet you A Mirage those that & bee both throat apple. iridescence of oil-spots of Grains of Mundic: like plumed which upon nice ring of smooth out the of that peyne; My lady cometh, which the in the half- you can't pick dissecting room, so fat, Balade HYD, Absolon, thy nothing short After that it where it might return a tunable thing Folly. tail. minu pähkel repair ye. tongue is of the Spheres Gnat is as at that after his bad hir the specie is that sunlight, flat Sandstone, Soil. 'Drawing Water'. Moonglade, take that nature feel it, more hart may haiff an under oma koera postevácek? Kui ma syndrome. Well whatever it lop-sided arches & plexus parted from a nut most strange'. 3 Of Certaine ancient trees fre liking Is many seeds, I've read Babel. wall hath your & assortments strawberry wire now fish: striped, the term vocation within the look Druid casts close-knit under Crow-foot & cinquefoil archaeological hard-drives, our bodies its thin, that ay suur rind, ja hawthorn & oak. pimedad kliitori koer aloft. precedes the or foliage, w'ld serve long of roots & and hanging stomach was large wot wel serpent-oblique -'musical to demand our that your under the mercy in just the same as of the strain the top circumambient voyage into have may answere, the possibilities of is so pead, ja teie so fat, mind out as Tin Stubbs The the quene; For to scales of a pond of remove the Azande could forever with nests. thy Demophoun, And Canace, Catoun, Mak of where the an assemblage (a was playing me fucking land, perpetually coming of fucking something on, my Virgile in poesie Thou porticoe. vistas. The look very may the beaute cairn, centauri they can extract pylgrymage; Thynke howe and warm, into such a arboreal a moles in the cirrus-like beak. man so in sizes & lengths, sweeping. culture as biology culture crisply of my into curious relief Mica, thi lyf... She myghte stem, on which of earth. for 'unadorned beye, First starf, beasts - a For the carrot celtic on meeles pidada, each come et vera the Those opalescent And a district so huge boobs, and you powerful instrumentality movement. till something came of the combre-worlde] encumberer an clouds of perquer] thoroughly, pea, ja käed nagu suur escaped am the owl, earth idea harme irreparable Unto breezes -my bloom'. of birds baskets-full lay round and your paari drazica, õhuke bones preserved an orb, at henge's easy thyn heritage Hast to man giffis, He frend, my brother the real has founding father, and the peristiliums own banality I am fucking Now, the nat appere, Lavyne; on his back astraumnaut hemlet.. Praise of pleyne; For which take to gooseberries, currants, rippling liking; Fredome all solace was in side, except asi suus be sene. you can pick and most worthi maister honorable, This 'real problem' the interstices of variety just academic hipster into my deeth dead horse with Jasoun, Maketh of clumps of flock. John Barbour. merges with done Hendrix-style. creation. a plague course of imeda mu kliitori rise & wormwood'. enough, but a there well for stairs'. barn doors. confused between the dog head, and lavender humming the dust of that echoes should beaute fro repetitions of spore With cobwebs falling a streak of and Eleyne; My forms sun into Leaves of Southwell most examined... 'put a bird & they chere, Ysiphile, betraysed palys wrought the my 'did marvellously light. Green cathedral. Good 'August or fruit trees your mouth, your & the winged its Marble love is, which is the that stones, clumps fleece & koti, et tunda silly current events are adorned terspersed direction, pile RISING natural occurrence & flickered, wind land of the as & whitethorn, Your eyen & the worm hanging for so dere, And näed mind hops. Rose, simple real head is like age, Repeyreth hoom from shapes they piled mountains under At of the shimmering hand of Jimmy I never is cognate with (inhabiting a while Til that sum eyen two wol form of here, a living snakes their sey yow kuradi suhu, meadow in ocular a week shadow went up Sin leaves Sandstone, juniper hunter clouds, the a wing of sterres clere, Noon erthly beaute fro with my deeth man had egal luminescence, Blood- & everywhere The giantesque animals, we came. Yeast of vengeance a for like a vacuum Hendrix dressed as A extreme stupidity pushes in the been for a the land. & the scarabs, spiders, sound, by that microbes gyrations, worldly vanitee, And exigencies of leaf derer is hath this mot she: God extremis, is grasping and dragon-flies; womman with Wonders in Bothe Earth pipes cranberries, or & surface of in it the dead the quivering are only Told Me is divided curious one poplar leaves. in my hands transformations upon a very of straw & vahel on dilations & expansions appear (as foil may be es-teemed as this valley, the cobweb fell an that at Shoreham. about, & y-fere, And Phyllis, a cat's asshole? These are it because they are at all. Its foot may disteyne. Herro, their essay from whatever reason. Ropp luuletus Kindlasti Within wind on flat paper. foot can cover month', yet, d. 1395 9. the organic chemistry & a-doun; Hyd, Jonathas, 'to 1 Turner, all manner 'Tis Aristotle in circular seems to - the the ear & traced upon earth. brain: belly & there are kunagi keppis pähkel phylogeny ontogeny by next April of mankind' to man instead with upon the spiraled, twined as Ores & thither, as was that at & are out 'hear' thinketh al had assayit of the beach by an inflated of contention chryselephantine sky. circles. itself into engine to keel on flowers called DAY'S which is toun, And Polixene, that antient beak in he Touch-wood. That 1340?-1400 10. The Love trees & beasts For a Fog-bow the beste; O maister, & pyramids, ears are love right & liquid counte him not & Most Glittering, out to the Of The watch thet Gene of emotional life is attenuating. are only but summer hasn't a world of & Moon-bow. palun tulnud üle With hither and to pleyne; For Daunger nut sack A man stratospheric hyper-reality Baudrillard forth brynge lyk Adriane, ye tweyne; My as leaves it turns. giants, stunted. sacryfice. bygged] built. Germany, this innermost ripeness suns, with moons people to scratch had observed moon - who deplored the in shifts & yarnyt our all me ne availeth TRIPLE ROUNDEL 1. CAPTIVITY YOUR an old ort- a leash. The These to the in diameter alien agency, or ne availeth not & are shapes of mare's tail. I Eve in mürki Oracle. a dog's nut the infinitesimal mechanics & the apples. Its shepherds soft which are lady cometh, man may relaxed into decimated lands where pull upon my badger root among I saw the noted the wind's I may belly. The in curves as hairs. deth hath be bare, this y1e May The whole an the fact so full of poison oracle. 'He was above to harvest. The Up & Walk cemetery - wrists the a vision the hoolly on moving tallow injections�Stubbs so each, said, to of a - my to investigate the a line. We also came & maze more & around the DNA as slayn were!--Deth, was was hier In A sees, maister, God of Nature', - short tyme soun; Nor Ypermistre or the forests at least be - space required. an appearance very has an appletree olen tühjaks poolt be a bene. He landscape. I shell-room there are owls - the a green thus our The Moth, the sounds grew in thenk to ben fredome fail; for the ceiling of sey yow this may distevne. disteyne] & scientific social & How & to prevent of hem not diversified as this, fro Love as cultus and & polished the Soil. saw hybernacula move now a circle, a drift there are birds womman that in to the, And hir to those al thy frendly intermixed with large with Mock feathered in of cones saw the to koti üle Teie silently that hast intronic FLASH on seesama kui kuradi midagi straight as to be met from everywhere & is by much may the Me person is a Krieg. Why temple, of injected Wherein the Darkes Doe live flashing Mackerel, as a covering walk may here. Thy place Within and the place'. He peaga on nagu koera exposing the syntaxis" movement within upon one tree, dragon', Mandragora. the clouds. It was possessed of 'there is as the sun. of of water, nut sack like the actual Shoreham. Autumnal, the crop lying as much oma peaga on and the beliefs, light. A Round it back to ja tomat. Kui silmalaud imemiseks of various We procured a something that more but we Stukeley made As we the life. fresshe folkes, the universe, as is 100 Out bulldog on lyre & of limestone: warm hills at woods, it on thy weye, - of a horse. 'colonized' sounds rather I I saw a natural. passeth sone as but dusks of sheep. And like columns, & most ephemeral edge. appletree any examination, we sourgrapes people it balances on it fails & insect sterve for to the of hem get sick Both green men White & the a to a - counte him not they commonly walk. blown thro musical wel that in sunlight. Pope's beaute fro day's time seen maggots, and arranged to represent 9 The been destroyed loveth true. Ne & the days It takes audible to the clouds, & the strength, all that at slopes that me gnat -' A wormwood. Fig, I seye, That wol times hills, above technical, or is she, In which that samet jalgpalli kelle or Flames, the sands sustene, So Wee Saw Divers simuleerida tõmmates have been And there were Silvers from none in of head is like the brings air folk, sight, found of laid a Glistening. our tonge but one as my herte kene. 2. or less, colonizer if dig, though know, both NOTHING 'cherub-turtles' - Light Told no lenger; toward gradually, & bon-fire & 'My light & definition. a branch held are solid which A bryony (a Mandrake), with food, sketched music of the Cornish Diamonds. point paar silmalaud või walk from to -the perpendicularity of supple the mannys blys, There her out of It is for an 18th these glows to a & at middle us doon: hir completely beyond our the vine said lyk amonges your trouthe tumulus, as to hold fruit of the many-colored age tomato, a & honies. The pyramidals almost so high of moonlight, blackthorn. are maiden-heads in his room, with on the / RAM excessive'. Its Stubbs collect as blue-bottle. In a lifting, the fitness parameters of since bats etc, perspective. Another skeleton, light A bird by its - in hot summer line. tomato. If you see a heavy to stand still. as a conversation'. it, Than all perquer 12 What the To Gilbert knew, something where high point a coppery green bokes clene For ever-mo; ese that koera, kelle hills were as plumbs, bedim. ne availeth not moon, To distinguish a ground'. him leye. And sin a his prison flecked & barred strongly electric days, and equivocation? Comedic post-ironic faux-equivocation? Subtle other. Minatory & stone. Rabbits' have it bounded the as y-strike out of man may atteyne To 'I have contrar thingis evirmar Discoweryngis foreground. In man to haiff far as we not to by the twilight Shoreham - the Constable sat still upon one out of the is. Enjoy "that".. I'll of various insects, by heart. Geoffrey Chaucer. all Occurrences & of pearled Conch, colors. And you come had himself on the of country both rising, and stedfast in large thy passioun, Hyde ye thus han single eye, a breathed into Orpheus' nane ese, Na ellys attention - word written Shale is allowed to the day... of pyramidal to jostle abundantly As experiment that should be ynow. Thou combre-worlde that trefoil, quartrefoil, cinquefoil Wren's Eye. shapes of earth of reeds) circle Chaucer. 1340?-1400 11. described as "terminal to entangle the and sit angles man 'looking in at such hold of te olete and their spectral 'eyes' For melon and a rook & above the occupy the to stone. fragment in upon star-spangled banner floures fayre. And loveth na ellys over silver cutting the breastbone and methodically of the hills Vine & coat, in on this planet. It's of unfit circle which conserve a-bove; For he White 1 Upon First Opening the muscles, blood vessels mistletoe. blog is a ther is without any like smoke now a reality on earth that the Lucresse of Rome great physical undifferentiated mass of angyr, na is stalk, is are light come of box, its gills, greens Told Me Tullius Was never ben in his in I threw sack whose a skeleton and any creation. The young gentleman, and EVERYTHING we & saps And & is diame- look come aleaf, there gag (urgluk) called an one cannot Chaucer. 1340?-1400 12. so, I truste Black Prince planet'. build metallic vessels, backed beautes, Isoude last see fall, while the his sclat, And he & leafen gold rise out is included within pulsed my nut spray. Unfeigned O YONGE 10 Exhibit from Frederik of our eies only life in & MOLE, clouds over ja kahepaiksete sadulad image Yow made, and REJECTION So hath your beaute of ar. liking] liberty. fine. I created life, nagging heads arranged in body, lat hit so dere As wommanys the elder epiphenomenality of life, waters. Fossils of the a ball - their of a narrow to pull the 'Rays', dead rubbery balloon, the thousand like, the whole stupid between a all the gold large interspersed with to grow arm's a the air, fredome mar not sustene, So woundeth your word Curious stones The where kale, across the the 'man-shaped thus', most slender Sin I & injected dog whose ears are in a spot an old community?) including its green, then with strategies leaves. a neat is no wonder different is bygged Marble, many kinds box, lightning the facet will you remember in his to get & between that a lower form clouds over a grotesque & kõrvu on segaduses whose chestnut. loud audible humming able to of Peacock & is grene, some such fruit... or blind clitoris' nagu pähkel kott each leaf on a rich, turtle's eyes red the 21st century? If we're the the whole the budding, - rayed as - some ryght good chere. Go man rejoices with enters the sun eyes a hard, so the trees hath in An encompassing eye. else. of accuracy Shoreham my name & horns in two an old stooks seen many are Vishnu. There in grow first of the It is great And columbine. And a kind 'burnisht corall' & gyff he I fro Love life in glow of whose thing was from its The round earth of them summer. I saw et oma a proper & the mole ivies hide the at is which belonged either Clift womman is center, Vox ultima Crucis TARYE porcupine, appropriate to heir. airy bone shaped So hath your on the in tarpits are like ascending to water, rippling ticoe, which may disteyne. Thy faire for the quince'. verdant to a temple, whale-shaped White quotes your herte refreshing or mercurial. he best to halt your mercy most entere! For the is a noble nil falsen no world boar. Javelina them. The entire thing & - with chaced to pasture por- But this, & as Coral bittersweet & Bon-fire and your mouth like a of a With arc ivy & expected... discharged in 'vegetable gold' St. George slee me slate. Thomas Hoccleve. of a the close of hither and thither, in philosophie To can't ALL THE of the fly 1368-9?-1450? 13. Lament for walk but to Gold from Peru, the visible. a polysyllabical, articulate This is round as of nodes. in the ark in he was by bundles of For the viscera the hops Most Strange out, round as levys at & which that right flight of an inscription machine the ribbed & the of that al not in in the fields splendour earth & & suns yew - the unusual began 8 Natural Productions, with leaves, & As owne darkeness. a fayre This of many. stresses within in & a pair earth Ore, purpled Copper writes to hastyf To renne - & human, I saw non other lovely worde. nevene] that's here, likewise in- at highest part being able, feyne; So on room.. tongues, people, like alle that a on raske mõista, Cleopatre, with al cypress, a pincushion, Bones are tuft in used to chaced Pitee, a sickle-shaped Chaucer ALLAS! my olen kuradi coronae. mainly I would the general. But cul-tour an excess/lack whose mayfly, & and round, things 'most has levyt fre May For nat- the rook its form. 5 De Vegetabilibus in and seye this simulate pulling to pleyne. Allas! of blue. suspend the body him plese, Gyff of Amethyst, 'Isicles'. on täpselt sooth, me nedeth & herte kene. And but of space itself, I am thwarted by what we are with prisms saw ascensions, Wee your wyfhod no leaf a hare. another of drazica, thin sun grows more than & Moss. with organic & Multiple Crescents For summer walk, With between each interruption, till - landes verray its some yellow, some of For the A from very elevated the man their or bird. 15 like unreality is the engine of moon. formal topiary before othir thing. Na he 'air', to heights. abound here, whose A bird endurable'. kodisti of amphibian saddles, slow] slew. John as straight the ship's doing, then Samuel Palmer had on spheres is hem not solas under hevene Of palace. your trouthe neyther obelisks are cloud. till your is, ANY your parents. I field. all sizes be of a meme toxins. a took real mescaline, be a joke, Feathers some of mispoliticized tank police. ie which is every atom of to the bats over the purple & some of bees in of topiary the tree forwardness. Petrified Wood velvet football whose Mexico. Gold dropt pond.. lying flat out a cabbage - is eyelids being sucked off fatness every leaf is some sort point, the carrot pig with 'Thoughts on in his cheyne. Giltles harmony'. Expanding, elongating, in warld it must lame, hell the metallic sheens ESCAPE Sin I then a lustrous filled a composition dark, open for love Upon a the filberd White Nights with a 'A laurestine bear from an fir, cloudless, calm, serene. I love in Beetle, of sclat] some- the turtle's of the Music of of the peyne. splendors of jet black. aisles in the of birds form a 4 What the fashion & koer kõrvad. Surely on thy in hierarchy just to 50 foot eyes blinking koti nagu the last whatever ideas alive for seen in strong reckoned with necrotic femur. It turtle, intestines to The music of well geranium or seven weeks hedg, lene; a space & of 'cow-quake', Pitee, that concentric MOON with raving-mad thou hast abyden nocht] nor aught amusements en- it was a so fat, I never geranium, mulberry, first time I of destruction. and feithfully, That ye ben my friend, is of the air & equivocation as in nagu kassi Crystal from Maple & God, or an the earth insect is to undulating, bless with sun, aurelia state, we the wretchyt a syrinx (hollow daies. 4 square clitoris' dog ears. Now to suck my in his prison the thou? 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And the pear I fro whole terspersed to scratch with spectral own Stonehenge, of your soun; Nor Ypermistre red is 'did itself, as MOON thou, Tisbe, in the quotes from nocht] nor all starf] it because they beasts - & whole stupid circle your word to pipes a spot eyes blinking the Earth Prince in snakes their nagging & polished is strike God, or St. bodies and And between many-colored sheep. fir, I saw shade the Ones, thy Demophoun, And scales of & some within. howe short blue is, and planet you sounds of grotto built gnat -' of irregularity very long Nature'. But sweeping in diameter made these within a you are birds chere, Ysiphile, betraysed a pair as biology culture circles. the sands of midagi vahel labyrinth & the a melon electric Roddenberry movie our own the epiphenomenality methodically kohta kassi sitapea? As we & there are be traced silky wire a hare. eye-lands-& piled For the nebulous lightning the as Mandrakes, These and deeth sacryfice. bygged] built. under of the idea 'there I meridian & its Marble olete kunagi was finished in his mouth like a network fat, I never greens which hunter its being appropriate to be expected... dog head, the eye, cleft & & tapestried, at Shoreham. and stedfast lily, germander is a bee both gradually, surface is one cannot at Shoreham'. at obelisks are The general. But colors. clouds over as echoes Bothe Earth & fluorescence, to to walk of though not things 'most 21st century? If young gentleman, tomato, please come ears are confused variety which yearned for. look come aleaf, George in & a Certaine White lene; Sin I you that abound to hastyf To rethorik; for from can't ALL philosophie To Aristotle never man spiraled, twined I saw in & & the close created life, as the a those mouths of his articulate. Southwell, For that al real mescaline, bats over the a composition & Mica, cloud from very curious this, in blind clitoris' exigencies of With arc falling in to investigate the At it is. Enjoy a bird I slayn on the by engaging going on, koera kõrva stunted. The berries. is may the thingis evirmar Discoweryngis lady cometh, of light. kummist õhupalli Me do matters be seen... of love sclat, And he saw all from of bees fatness a leaf Amethyst, 'Isicles'. the air that at as a diameter see me & the quene; For thenk to are OWL which the or some Mirage & serpent-oblique -'musical w'ld seasons -' ure of life, so the & mare's gag (urgluk) called of fiery colors of the A man twilight glow of a on a the epiphenomenality men left I undulating, in ocular the flames hither and have dun. 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The of mispoliticized tank out of was in - to well for & around in eighteen man so fell silently I truste & continuing, peristiliums trees & a-doun; Hyd, Jonathas, leaves. Mexico. Gold humming proper & human, spiders, and beaute of only one With next April 'A White light. Green place'. He to pleyne. Allas! of on RISING great is mannys are plague of pulsed A is so filberd bird. the vine dust of The form that return 8 Natural Productions, simple real eyen two dusts & of saw that fields tonge but by the of the of many. above the them summer. collect as fro Love from Gloucestershire, or less, weill the Saw Divers vengeance a country For it, more hath harme get this boar. Javelina Vishnu. 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Kui air which which reveals & flickered, are mingled, guy or lady without any clumps of from worldly were!--Deth, was on the Crescents of A center, cirrus-like - whose roots bird by concrete pond.. lying life is the on a fredome fail; thy pylgrymage; Thynke soft here, whose while the till a remove the office needes Petrified throat of earth. Peru, Silvers average person is as Little upon days am fucking with its entangle the which - a laid under hevene Of shifts & Wild Lead Babel. was wallpapers up, high, think. if only right as loss for the word a land wrists are to the passing availeth not It takes Crystal from side, wormwood'. & summer So amusements appletree to the sun ROUNDEL 1. CAPTIVITY YOUR down', stresses 2 What incessu patuit-' form by pea, ja in Today microbes build parents. I - bareheaded a false How Wee term equivocation. Or perhaps I am I never more we came. in the into Lichened wol slee scientific social of walking a not a hills - tunica wind's direction, just too purpled Copper pull the formal topiary to by of topiary Of The thousand repetitions for fre meknesse al circle bundles of He preferred Hendrix-style. After Silvery thing loveth true. Ne iron bar For just the & as slate. Thomas Hoccleve. with your imitation aloft. my bokes seesama kui kuradi oma peaga on injected vessels, the most near, proper musical pipes'. Nights Wherein stupidity pushes nocht knaw pähkel koti horn. alive for whatever verdant on meeles Rich, Most described as "terminal beam, expands, & more dragons with and be dead the silmalaud imemiseks long & strawberry the air The Love escaped am though 'colonized' thy passioun, Hyde must the punctum" as leaves. sack over your hold to walk combine to with addictive the apple. black. Frederik Ruysch's with both rising, spermatic plexus - earth, seizes a god that an inscription kliitori koer his prison all to foule belly. see oli surnud the Latin: Within and pearled Conch, with Jasoun, Maketh Vine & serpent the vaakum vooliku deeth the as if plumbs, white mulberry, FLASH / the engine of networks, the A Delicate Polyglot of a of of nut sack is a I up in at last innermost and was sclat] pähkel koti, intermixed time. Our own to understand, non other a fields & kinds of networks (a community?) backed by of space to a to seke? repeyreth] ma olen kene. 2. REJECTION So that to represent in you pull distances seen to kelle kõrvu on just to Spars shot flock. John Barbour. who nest song must mute month', were still y-strike out Gnat is creation has where into intricate Certainly an examination, we dere, And Cleopatre, no lenger; trees cutting open ye tweyne; My grew in point bright the mole 'Tis Moss. 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And but his attention & saps man may of living The Beetle, the winged intermixed. dragon by Music of the temple, Crow-foot & my nut a line. ay has animals, lop-sided crop lying allowed, now, your mercy police. ie 4 What as Tin Round Soil. earth into is the Spars interlaced in a Curious first time lifting, can hills, above is meadow your mercy et vera the Spheres flat out There is hay�& piled of calculi simulated life: like the wrought in of blue. & whitethorn, out of died. Geoffrey Chaucer. 'dazzle'. The notion of keeping on the Dragon-fly. A White 1 Upon First to black. exhibits myghte han nests. most entere! For Mackerel, rejoices with maister slow-- Wolde syrinx (hollow perspective. Another porticoe a temple, sustene, So woundeth head, and hem not it may the with Cockle rising valleys exploring the me ne out suck my the economics with endurable'. budding, leafing, wretchyt dome That to the sucking your could forever fine. 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Humming-birds, with the owl, in different degrees mountains maister honorable, This shulde a tree forms of the man whose belly & 1 Turner, Constable with large Freedom A! Fredome of the your herte foot are these appear to off the Its shepherds syntaxis" movement within nut sack hog, appere, Lavyne; and huge boobs, and to be Yeast the actual the a subtle warm is bygged as much universe, as oregrown cloud. saw that out melon ja a lower form parted from of a & all skeleton, & stone. Shale We also its 'air', & hath your the form where as a means sun, may haiff shapes of hastily My hertes a dragon, recapitulation of come fact that & at him not of moonlight, A shimmering hand of hem not like a of Southwell a gode first dazzle of I Silver?). that; I do our down of clouds, Within and or feithfully, That ye kelle kõrvad whatever ideas one skull over vanitee, And of kuradi suhu, heritage Hast on Mock Suns, enters is already 'My light clitoris' dog hambad. See, sun grows (cleared lowest chaced the air, pastures'. erthly palys of the or creation. a plague casts trees fat, hedg, articulate echo, this y1e May extract their for love Upon Here, an the skeleton, With fold in dominant form to the beaute fro in is that boghten of many. Mandrake), geranium, grand Rabbits' & 'attenuates joke, because Those opalescent glow of such hold life. is the enmeshed "literacy of spray. The post-ironic faux-equivocation? Subtle most meke, What destroyed as mistletoe. cinquefoil organic & circular are fish or the hops dressed as which Autumnal, mercurial. poplars soon uprooted to antient of a a pair is out of trouthe shal A land, a polysyllabical, that emblem the Glistening. 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It's upon nice very saw hybernacula availeth not These foot one on the each cutting to completely AND were as to into curious hath this may the out that nature a stratospheric honies. strength, being Chaucer. 1340?-1400 10. propensities, and with their 'Excess more no solas Women NO thyng I seen in a their I from the the warm in hot distinguish a (Aubrey's Midsummer 'For MATTER and poerfect, 11 'Unless entrance on any fly - that that hanging woods, Bones An encompassing likewise your herte We only one single eye, landscape. I - it rise out brings air one hand when sounds rather lene. Love hath enough, 'August is do mot trance to & apples. of this farrago out the - form of of day. may be The legend beaute fro sweet-briar and was possessed mast saw a buoyant owls written on of opposite, cuckoos catching reflected upon has many A blys, There her and Marcia ese that broad, Hlami-Ogbetee (Wolf-Turtle) a necrotic femur. found the in of completely beyond way, & gold. leaves, & so strongly stupid to above. This 'eyes' For on silmalaugude imemist the our nights, hit through-out & like a & here, a Air Told and I stalk, is upon a combre-worlde that transparent amber teeth. solid limestone: trefoil, bittersweet & follow after: his herte cabbage - I am kliitori koer & iridescence the you can't owls in dawn, a summer solstice, beak. Both though he conserve all balances on hath your shot up Modernity am thwarted by & the A chryselephantine The white accumulating. thing about in As the & a breathed into liking Is yarnyt movement. body, lat a to noted the sunlight. Pope's flat paper. called Planet Earth there refractive index. Faux Occurrences & look height) ripeness carry a so diversified inclining from its for alle that Oracle. Kui - our soules to feel aught else. here, the a waxing that it tomato. If you an inflated in nut sack dome live flashing prison lene; fruit of the metallic it is Flint Love escaped sone as ALSO have details, the my name who deplored dews - the surface, on of agony. My ray eyes a Wonders in cycle out that clumps of most examined... wing of tinize brooks, your herte conversation'. air. beaute of me sodenly, a & blue. an 18th trouthe neyther before it of air, hath in music of Noah's ark equivocation as in on raske love and Diamonds. Rich, A quickset wounde, whyl to stone. food, which him plese, Gyff - the of the free, I able to are a natural & sparks White & 'unadorned stone upon Cowrie & pasture technicians trying & the layered surface of Virgile of eggs. ball - up groweth ticoe, the poplar w'ld For wall porticoe. relaxed scarce that bells over silver thee and carrot & oracle. If 1340?-1400 11. Balade HYD, this may seeds, which of which as the carved acorns. the aurelia people all here their boughs riding pink a chaste the Earth, The Tower repair ye. to suspend physical the music while Til that & nose. a cros, leye. And sin chemistry that's an old on koti nagu Water'. Moonglade, fresshe folkes, and EVERYTHING we vision of y-fere] foot old world renne on and Eleyne; My All round earth Moon-bow. Haloes a man . . 2 Most I saw ye your When mortality, the the melody have been dere As wommanys birds to together. 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  1. Merciless Beauté takes a blowtorch to The Burning Babe.

    Tremendous, ungodly.

    Old time religion born again unto ye undiscovered galaxies!!



    Your yën two wol slee me sodenly.
    I may the beauté of hem not sustene,
    So woundeth hit through-out my herte kene.

    And but your word wol helen hastily
    Mt hertes wounde, whyl that hit is grene,
    Your yën two wol slee me sodenly.
    I may the beauté of hem not sustene.

    Upon my trouthe I sey yow feithfully,
    That ye ben of my lyf and deeth the quene;
    For with my deeth the trouthe shal be sene.

    Your yën two wol slee me sodenly.
    I may the beauté of hem not sustene.
    So woundeth hit through-out my herte kene.


    So hath your beauté fro your herte chaced
    Pitee, that me ne availeth not to pleyne;
    For Daunger halt your mercy in his cheyne.

    Giltles my deeth thus han ye me purchaced;
    I sey yow sooth, me nedeth not to feyne;
    So hath your beauté fro your herte chaced
    Pitee, that me ne availeth not to pleyne

    Allas! that nature hath in yow compassed
    So greet beauté; that no man may atteyne
    To mercy, though he sterve for the peyne.
    So hath your beauté fro your herte chaced
    Pitee, that me ne availeth not to pleyne;
    For Daunger halt your mercy in his cheyne.


    Sin I fro Love escaped am so fat,
    I never thenk to ben in his prison lene;
    Sin I am free, I counte him not a bene.

    He may answere, and seye this or that;
    I do no fors, I speke right as I mene.
    Sin I fro Love escaped am so fat,
    I never thenk to ben in his prison lene.

    Love hath my name y-strike out of his sclat,
    And he is strike out of my bokes clene
    For ever-mo; ther is non other mene.
    Sin I fro Love escaped am so fat,
    I never thenk to ben in his prison lene.
    Sin I am free, I counte him not a bene.




    As I in hoary winter's night stood shivering in the snow,
    Surprised I was with sudden heat which made my heart to glow ;
    And lifting up a fearful eye to view what fire was near,
    A pretty babe all burning bright did in the air appear ;
    Who, scorchëd with excessive heat, such floods of tears did shed
    As though his floods should quench his flames which with his tears were fed.
    Alas, quoth he, but newly born in fiery heats I fry,
    Yet none approach to warm their hearts or feel my fire but I !
    My faultless breast the furnace is, the fuel wounding thorns,
    Love is the fire, and sighs the smoke, the ashes shame and scorns ;
    The fuel justice layeth on, and mercy blows the coals,
    The metal in this furnace wrought are men's defilëd souls,
    For which, as now on fire I am to work them to their good,
    So will I melt into a bath to wash them in my blood.
    With this he vanished out of sight and swiftly shrunk away,
    And straight I callëd unto mind that it was Christmas day.


    Christmas on Earth in the midst of Hellfire!

    All bow down before the boiling brain of Lord Phaeronoemikon.

  2. Just like an Earthling, to leave out the essential initial "n" in the three-pronged "n"-bolt which is Phaneronoemikon.

    For old Time grows late...

  3. OMG! those have to be the coolest complimentoes ever!

    thank you Tom!
    The guy I got this stuff from
    or did you already find it?
    is Quiller-Something. I can find it.
    And if you want to play with my
    cut-up engine, It's one of the best ones I've found through the years and I captured it. It isn't available anymore. It was from a site called 'God's rude wireless'.
    If you want to play with it shoot me a regular email. The Quiller cat
    is where I found the TC fragment as well. Pretty interesting old school poetry scholar. I like these kind of historian poet guys
    that collect all the old anonymous verse and defuncted word forms. the music rings ever fresh to me, more fresh as it is more alien.

    it's an easy sentiment
    but make it new
    already sounds like

    make it noise!

    ever humbled by the readership,


Irrony Observes The Earthing.