Sunday, January 24, 2010

Victory's Weird Throne, Sloppy Value Register Nouns

friends of bleak wardens
muse through golden tonsil helmets,
amplitudes of force vectors
transduced through cochlear
exowords inverted
in mass

their chilled bodies
are not pop, say Lordac
but suddenly there are
sarcophagus atop
the jaunty road vehicles
no one generally associates
with taste

panther disjunction mates
yield altherium

In Iltheorium,
tongues eaten
as in ancient times
for visions, and

black coils
are released
in the cubicle

10 subject

the sick verity
of its inner surface
is the purposing
of petals
to hide synthetic

each leaf
like a donkey's tail
you lightly touch
and it rises

each guardian
packes as much current
technology as it can
into every square inch


what replaced the eyeball
was an offering
made by a madness
to a crown
of distorted echoes

and all of it


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