Thursday, January 7, 2010


As I understand it, the second battle of the gods involved a revolt by humans, and Sakhmet (Mut?) the lioness, the eye of the sun, was sent to punish humanity. She was about to destroy humanity altogether when the creator god brewed vast amounts of beer and colored it with red ochre to resemble blood. The goddess drank it, thinking it was human blood, and became drunk and humanity was spared. When she sobered up, she went into exile in Nubia, depriving the sun of its eye. Eventually she returns from exile but remains feared.
Something like that.

So Hatsheput, the cross-dressing female pharaoh, revives the ancient festival, (at Thebes? Karnak? ) (1400BC?), entailing drunkenness and a public orgy. From what I understand, getting drunk and fucking in public propitiates Mut, the mother of living things. So my question is.....

If we want to go green and save the Earth's animals from extinction, why don't the engineers propose a day of global orgiastic excess in honor of Mut? If such a festival didn't reduce CO2 emissions, it would at least salve our conscience.

-Edx [HK 2010]

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