Monday, January 25, 2010

Smearing Its Brats With Heavy Pitch

let it be safe
mice pour from parasols
the passing hand
like mice in a desert
of yellow telephones
amoeba poor from aerosols


let us congratualte
the final mem
lamb's letters wed to milk
on stone touching table's

musical governments
sliding secrets through
basic soap
foam windows camouflaging
the dive
visonary principle
of bristle elevator bird
long trapped bubble
forming instrument
toward contrapuntist
silo x

Zarlino Tallmaier
fux, fux,
unexplained spellings
dubblergongers of what
juniper pix liquida
the chrismal sacram

mirrored rabbit loaf delta
for blunderbust face unity
hot-dog hypo-impicate
oppicate jiggety jillaroo

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