Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hairless Bees.


Quran spelked backwards
is Narrook, or fool's castle.

But if you change the N
to am M, you get

more or less,

Mark, or

3(ness) arc.

Do you think its possible
we can tell like a billion people
they are glitchy robots
having a semiotic reaction
to some wack programming.

Not that Islam or any religion is especially
good or bad, the whole of life is

spaghetti code
with no inherent purpose
other than to propagate
AND, verily
upset itself.

How do you tell people
that the Marks that ancient
cave folks started making
evolved because we carry around

a protein processor
a big old bitchy brain
of calculation cheese.

I point at one thing
and this isn't a judgement
but a sort of cautionary irronism
which should be fundamentally understood
my life is scarred

Psyche - Sick - Sic - Scythe - Stick

as in stuck

the modulus or the transform itself
has a gorgonic or gorillist approach

our associations
are what our culture difference is composed of

lets "EXTEND"
our associational abilities
and realize we are all

brains in a landscape
and that that landscape is

a brain



""a narrative beingness""

or maybe a nair bee

a hairless bee.
chick CHANG
chick CHING

a little yang
a little ying

There's a
[no robot masturbation]
sign here on my street corner
to keep the

exquisitely fascinating
albino gorilla bees
in their tidal hamlets of chinchilla

for knees

I say
about all the bad stuff

"Who Cares"

The whole of it was a bad idea
in the first place
that how first water

first water
is bad water

all of it
not right.
virtually able
to produce no good.

One survives one hopes
and keeps the world at bay
or lets it in.

I'm looking at a tribal afghani rug
in Gus Van Sant's hilltop mansion
here in Portland

It has helicopters and machine guns.

This is from the
Russian period.


That worked out too.

Can't people just accept
that molecularity
needs no substitute.

The doctors all seem good with it,
they're like

lets make a fibre ceramic hipbone replacement
so people angry over books can like
still walk

and we can golf
and dress nice.

That is the way of the robot world.

my friend.

Don't hurt me.

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