Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prince Valiant Negotiates Crag (Whip Antenna Decibel)

little agua panty
rotisserie antenna trials
are so long swing arm
so justice cabal as statuary
on a twisting fluting

we can make ornamental statuary
into witty surveillance commentary
and yet still apprehend
the vile odes

or if one enters the R and D pod

to meet with Dexter Randy Puharamuhando
the designer of the

Virodion Mag-class Millibus de Wynelynge emptis.

it makes of the entire universe
a smooth topological linear motor
in which every granularity of aspect
becomes a virtual segment
of an implied string
whose potential

is to starting thinking
of little agua panties

Scott Vaio
trials motorcycles

crag negotiations

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