Saturday, January 2, 2010

Oubari Gull

elegant relegate, like a cluster
of flying saucers you hide
the skinless remains
of the aztec flaying victim

marsyas of electric powders
whose mohawked trojan helmet ruin
reveals a chrome mercedes gullwing
with blood red leather interior

humming outside
the entrance

dark axe of wandsbek
with tophat and mask
you top that
and ask

hot met ichchha
ess mes semta ass

dim pipettes adhere
to the mouth whose blurring
entrancing notions go
to labor in the mine of shadows

what economies of sound
find yiurnocnaincn in meteorology
and what we find interesting
in constellating about

the lost arroyos
of the portmanteau
garamantian cartouche

its morm



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  2. I enjoyed this (and your other poems) very much! The rhythm and choice of words entrance me. Excellent blog.


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