Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To study Long Silence

They did not work at Nike
like the Ethiopian I knew
who blew up bladders with a machine
for the Nike Air Shoe

[shake your money in your pocket]

I took him down to Powell's
where we both stood and read
and I showed him a book about
his homeland

[shake your money in your pocket]

which said
things he
was impressed
then he spoke

about the lion's
mane shoulders

the people
of the people

of the hunters
of the hunters

I imagine dried turkey
pressed into the shape
of an engine
and tattooed pilgrims
cooing to rockabilly
in an odd fogged morn

the silent contemplative samurai
on a rolling column in space
laid down on its side

good wood
Lady G.W.

the unique and twisting


hand near to sabre
my mad laugh
apophatic apotropical

bronzed number bunnies
i represent
by repression

I am beginning ,
oh well...

(Shakymuni with Earth-touching gesture)

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