Friday, January 8, 2010

Goons, Gorms, and Stale.

With its tic-lined vagina
of old odysseys
The boat and I
set out upon the


Donkey Hoto
you are a living drum set
pounded by feathered monkey cats
wearing neuclon yodel hats

and yur boat
is a glist of pho...


Great Beef Paddle,

In our unerring facility in all things
we have forgotten where we put the car-keys
and what name to call the yellow snow.

Those who pee
and gamble aren't really human,
or is it the producer's responsibility to
know at least

why dank floors

and how grapples
loft above
dim drunkard's heads

There are weirder branches of chemistry
in cartoon land.

The muckaboot folk
take whatever blobs
they can buy
and their genome
is changing slowly.

If the stone is be romanced,
can not the brain

be enhanced?

I voted for

whose runabout
push the blush
back in my crotchless

knockwurst yeti epaulets.

Oh Ho!

They bring out ethics texts
in wheelbarrows
and weigh them against

the souls
of the candy makers

Bow Wow Wow.
I want candy.

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