Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I am wearing a fabulously saturated
orange Ralph Lauren pique sport shirt, and
straight grey micro-pin-stripe peg gap pants,
green socks, and a pair of nutmeg brown
lace-up Børn shoes. To compliment my green
socks, and extend the Nordic provenance
I am wearing a vintage green quilted Seafarer
all-weather jacket which is, though thin,
a bit too insulated for the sudden balmy turn
in the day. The oddly excellent jacket was a
gift from my mother in-law, and was previously
owned by my father in-law before his passing,
an avid hunter and fly-fishing expert as well as
one-time President of the Texas State Bar Association,
and a practicing lawyer for 50 years, as well as
a food and viticulture afficionado. The label says made
in Norway for Canor Plarex inc.

Private Company, Headquarters Location
1601 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98133, United States

as well as
Helly-Hanson and gives the place of manufacture
as the Mjøndalen Konfeksjonsfabrikk. My head
is shaved to .25 inches, so that the total effect
is that of a kind of oddly menacing

skin-head preppy, as the jacket
and the shoes both have echoes
of the skin-head ethos. I have taken
photos of skin-heads in 80's Dallas,
and I was almost beaten by a entire
clutch of them, but talked my way out
of it, though unfortunately some girls
which we were with did not. I had to
watch a pack of skin-head girls
beat up a pair of art-school girls.

Now. Today I purchased two books of excellent quality
from the Powell's bookstore on Hawthorne Avenus,
one an erstwhile gift for my perfect wife Kara
for her interest in the history of glass, a work
called _Frühes Glas der alten Welt_ detailing
some excellent examples of ancient glass-making
technique from the Ernesto Wolf collection. And
for me, I picked up _The Sinister Side: How left-
right symbolism shaped Western Art_ by James Hall
which I purchased precisely on the strength of
a random opening to see possibly one of the best
and most meaningful chapter titles I have ever
been privileged to witness, namely:

17: 'To Err Forever'

which in my own amphibianist reckoning
must also become

To air forever.

And I am perfectly willing to assume
the quote is from Gotthold Ephraim Lessing,
whose quote begins the text of the chapter

Possession makes inactive, lazy, and proud.

But that chapter heading
is what I would put on my shield if I were
the knight of divine science for its best
and most poetic injunction against metaphysics
but also a celebration of that provisionality
so much misused by our corruscating vectorlings.

In its perfection,
it is vengeance laid down
as if the very air itself
were gauntlet self-freshing.

And then I went to Movie Madness
to select the weekend's entertainment.

The choices were:

Able Edwards
The Internecine Project
Sir Drone
Le crime de Monsieur Lange
Swamp Water
Darker Than Amber

I did all that today
after failing to sleep correctly
after drinking 2 IPA's and a small
glass of Blanton's single barrel
after the completion of 3 day
Nightshift workweek at an unnamed
Northwest American Semiconductor
Manufacturing Facility.

I had a moment with a young lady
in Powell's, actually two moments
with two different ladies which
conjoined to the execellent Stumptown
coffee I was drinking served to
lighten my chronic and hopeless
confusion in the face of this
completely overwhelming world
of absolute madness.

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