Friday, November 9, 2012


grotesque medium: fugue-a-lichtious, the harmonic, and the orders of diffraction as applied to language, imagery, emotion, history, geography, biology, labor, and being:

E=mc2 as Lacquered Masque

refuse the task of its queer math
no homogenizing principle can overcome
its exploding nature

Dark matter / energy is to physics
Contingency is to history


sense the harmonic and replicatory vibrations (armor)
attuned to the pelvic girdle

Sea Poseidon
not with a trident
but with a luminous pelvic tuning fork

that cyclopian basal vertegral fang
a tale

to exceed all notion

its lack-erred mask
its desiring symbol

is unknown
what is the desire at the root of the structure itself(?_)


what is the name
of that particular desire(?_)

Qualms Qua Recede
Qualms Qua Decree
Qualm Qua Recedes
Qualm Qua Decrees

The final X


a Minne of tar
to goo the russet rabbit

La Brea as Manichean

as social apotheosis

lava in continentment
its surface lavished
with wild code
and domesticated

Addict teasing Ohm

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