Monday, November 19, 2012

Jogging with Roussel 10

O/x space: In an endless desert of pink sand, a pink rubberized C3PO android is kicking a large rubber Mickey Mouse android head towards an enormous mirrored obsidian pyramid in the distance. The Mickey Mouse head keeps saying, “Prometheus Minnie!” over and over. Finally, pink rubber C3PO opens a flap in the back of Mickey’s head and pulls out a little green mouse, pushes a button on his own forearm and opens up a time pixel box hanging in the air and puts the mouse inside. “Decorrupt!” says pink C3PO to no one in particular..Out in the desert, one can see other pink rubber C3PO's wearing the big Mickey augmentation helmets used to dowse for spice worms for the zithers. He skints off toward the pyramind of Deep F.R.E.D. and the Ginger Herm. Up through the rosy dunes he goes and into the lavender waterfall that pours from the mouth of a black granite sphinx with the face of Canterel with the luminous turquoise colored eyes of the Fremen, to enter the long approach hallway through the plinth. After many hours of negotiating crooked, infuriating passages, C3PO reaches the dramatic inner sanctum, a vaulted massive geode space whose several flat floor-like facets are connected by jewelry-like lapidary bridge structures that all fall away from an amazing ‘optically distrurbed’ altar-like area where various thrones and fetish objects, and instruments and machines are clustered. Deep F.R.E.D., called “Don Cantagrael” here in the inner chamber,  is dancing to a song written by Maurice Foret called “The Dance of the Diamond Doll” played by an orchestra of pink rubber C3PO’s. Don Cantagrael is an Eloi-enhanced super chlorlock host and stands about 50 meters tall. Dressed in a shimmering gold thread tuxedo, his face is a hybrid of Fred Astair and Red Foxx as young men. Every so often, Don Cantagrael will stop his wonderful dancing, and pull out a pair of diamond scissors and snip off a small section of hair that constantly pours from the surface of the smooth black monolith itself about 55 meters tall, its hair falling, growing, down into a luminous mote that surrounds the monolith’s dais. In the lower regions of the pyramind, this hair is braided into 2-5 “deep time” braids that form the originating exposition of Deep F.R.E.D.’s oracular deep time colonization, which allow special Chlorlock timenauts to explore ever deeper arenas of the temporal flux by crawling along these braids into portals held open by the powerful forces of the monolith’s ginger hair strands, which are of unknown construction, but are thought to be made of something called trans-temporal hyproteomics.. The  ‘Ginger Herm’ was the first monolith discovered in the modern earth age and was uncovered on the Moon at the site of an unnaturally powerful magnetic field near the crater Tycho. It was called the Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1 ("TMA-1") before the monolith was discovered. After this was discovered to be an alien artifact, its name became the "Tycho Monolith Anomaly 1" (still TMA-1), but after Don Cantagrael slept upon it in the year 2018, Don Cantagrael having come back in time to do so from 904, 321, the Ginger Herm was born, and it opened up O/x space, and they began deep oracular time dowsing using braided hyproteomics.   The dance of deep F.R.E.D. Don Cantagrael and his diamond scissors used to cut ‘non-ginger’ lines is part of one of the monolith's temporal shamanics programs it was set to enact millions of years ago once it was able to generate larger hybrid beings like the Eloi-Chlorlock lines. The music has ended, and the Ginger Herm takes a break. The pink rubber C3PO’s are putting on human skins they pull from a hollow diamond on a stand filled with opalescent waters. After they are all ‘nude humans’, they begin to play “The ballet of Glory” which is when in the lower levels, Chlorlock timenauts begin to explore the latest strands to test whether on not to attach them to the Totem of Transtemporal Glory, the TTG, or Megaxl-O/x. The Chlorlock timenauts wear special suits fitted with breathing tanks full of Melange spice-gas birthed from the worm zithers of Don Cantagrael which fill one of the many levels of the pyramind. Sometimes one can hear the powerful drone of the spice worm zithers as they sing out the time-folding Melange.

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