Friday, November 9, 2012

Jogging With Roussel 2

In the nights that followed the discovery of the wall, several odd occurrences were to be recorded. On the night of November 11, 2012, Flora Crinis-Sane, a twenty-something fitness instructor at Ages Reticular Spa in Montmorency was jogging home backwards with her boyfriend, Mordan Konfians, an older gentleman she had met on the internet, whose small but elegant villa, she had recently been frequenting with some regularity due to the excellent swimming facilities which were far in excess of the village club in which she was employed. Upon nearing the gates of FERRINE, Mordan's villa, and still jogging back first and unknowingly looking out into the spaces above Locus Solus, both Flora and Mordan beheld a terrible vision. On the local radio, the next day, Flora described what could only be called a giant luminous grub-torque, with two heads, like an inverted Omega symbol hovering in the air over Locus Solus. Monsieur Konfians included more details: He mentioned that the grubs' heads were as golden trojan helmets, with vertical tentacular streaming elements like diaphanous undulatory ribbands composed of tiny luminous cubes, and there was a sound, like hundreds of thousands of ping pong balls falling on the exposed strings of innumerable abstracted pianos, "inside-out pianos" are the exact words M. Konfians produced. The DJ of the local news-show had brought in a local priest, a psychologist, and the Chief Prefect of Police. The priest mumbled only something like, "Dear me.." while the aged Alienist, a Doctor Angelo Marcenac, said something more curious, "Locus Solus has been the object of local mystery for over a century, and my predecessor Dr. Lucien Proin, even recorded a local variety of neurosis associated with the property in its youth, when the lively Canterel had been more of a prankster, and much more prone to latency and cryptic wit. Dr. Proin had called the local neurosis "Cantoralia".. The Prefect of Police was more pragmatic, and vowed to find out what the current status of the Villa Locus Solus was, and report back on the same program. He also said, that he knew for a fact, that the Villa had been sold in Summer of 1968, to a Parisian firm called Ispolzuette and Hernesque, Inc, ostensibly for the function of preserving the laboratory of Canterel for Museum studies. Flora then recounted a wonderful dream she had that night about ice skating on an enormous phonograph of black ice, and a sort of glorious music pouring from her entire body as she darted across the concentric frozen grooves. The priest then said sleepily, "I adore music," and the show was over.

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