Friday, November 9, 2012

Fum bienstock))(&)*^

the wooden caterpillar clock is raring up
frozen, about to kookoo

blurrmgang blurrmgang blurrmgang

and then a little luminous green brain pops out
on a tongue
with a real caterpillar sitting on top of it
smoking a tiny hooka
which is the monitor
of a computer
with little people inside
pretending to be letters
lettrists, water molecules,

In the green wood, the green moose
In the red desert, the red nomad

crimson cotton
pouring from the mouth
like a rope ladder

instead of a drug savior riding a giant worm
in the desert

a little huntsman
riding a caterpillar
his hat somehow odd
like a moose snout

or maybe you see a moose snout caterpillar
or a caterpillar with moose antlers
ripples going through the fine spiky purple fur

maybe there's a transatlantic caterpillar
and these words are the sleeping car
Sherlock Holmes smoking a caterpillar pipe
is reading a novel
by Moriarty, It's called
_In the Deep Green Wood_

Green leafy zeppelins rise from the forest
Robin Hood yodels
swinging from a liana
where the zeppelin has its nipple

luminous green

like a sponge full of caterpillars
with lettrist hookamoose snouts

maybe the drug savior
has spiky purple fur
and moose horns

maybe Robin Hood
has a haircut like a friar
but hot pink

Maybe Robin Hood is Moriarty
Maybe Sherlock Holmes
is a Sphinx Moth

with caterpillar pipe antennae


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