Monday, November 12, 2012


thread gilled suns repeat
that ushers original scene
where kidnapped men are tartared
and the bosom of the earth adorn
no radiant doctrine for truth
is unwelcome in Cowper's
flatting mill plateau'd
by ageless kunstchision
aware of prodigies aloft
the winds of heaven
unable to blow over them
without nausea and loathing
but sense what vagueries
surround the ulvitt mound
ptah stakes a thin red line
to the perfect corner
of a cloud, all language
stupendous idiocy
before the smoldering
pelvic cauldron
the neck hole
whose vague hiss
is a sermon of squirming things
and vast glyphs of fading
transparent wings
unless you adorn it
most of the passengers
were seized by loam

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