Friday, November 16, 2012

Jogging with Roussel 8

It was the afternoon of August 5, 1945, and off the sourthernmost  tip of the island of Yoniguni, a woman named Midori Kyūketsuki was asleep on the deck of an abandoned trawler which was drifting in open waters. Once a prostitute and drug addict, she had gone insane and began swimming the night before, intending to kill herself. Upon the verge of waking up, a pale yellow glass frame appeared hanging in the air near to her body about the size of a doorway. For only a few minutes, the glass doorframe hummed, its noise growing louder, eventually waking the poor woman who looked up just in time to see something frightening and amazing. Four large men came through the doorway in military uniforms. Their uniforms were black, but they wore armbands like the ones she had seen in the cinema of Nazis, but instead of red swastikas, the armbands bore the face of Fred Astaire wearing a top hat and a long curly blonde goatee. As her eyes focused more acutely, she found herself surrounded by four obviously negro soldiers, but whose skin was emerald green. The leader of the group stepped forward and bowed courteously removing his hat exposing a short-cropped blonde afro. “ I am General Rhejed Balbet..” Then, he spoke to her in an amiable, if imperfect, Japanese, “Watashi no joō wa, ima koso chansuda.. “ (My Queen, the time has come..) As he spoke, Midori noticed at once that the man’s teeth were made of yellow glass, and that he had fangs like that of a vampire! And with that, the men helped her to her feet, and carried her through the mysterious yellow glass portal.

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