Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chac Vayab

now say now say that
the sun is a bat with the head
of a flower
a thorn flower's blood
is hummingbirds
now say the feathered nectar
like a flying rat becomes
this batty flower
the sun of blood
glossophaginae now say
leaf knows all
of night
the day its blossom close
inside like a heart
unfolding like wings
petals over strings
a nectar of hummingbirds
escapes from the guitar
the bat plays singing
now say now say he says
she says for what it says
it should not say but says
a thorn's beak is for the heart's
sun, its petals strung with nectar
in the light, its blossom night,
its leaf all knowing all consuming
now say the day is a bat
of humming birds
whose blood is the nectar
of suns whose hands
are flowers
strumming bat guitars
darting like arrows
dipping their beaks
in fire

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